Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have so much to share. Who has not been busy? At work (Physics department of the University of Pretoria) the lectures for this semester ends on Wednesday 20 May. On that day all semester marks for the 1700 1st year students have to be posted. We are processing final marks. It is amazing how many student realizes during this last week of the semester that they should have actually signed up for a make up lab. And the nature of their excuses for missing lab...
There is a very simple set of rules that apply when a student misses a physics lab, but at this point in the semester the mom in me often gets the better of me. Am I doing them a favor when I apply a shade of gray to the rules or am I encouraging them to be irresponsible? I rather hope that they will see it as grace to get another chance.
Liesl and Renier have been finishing projects on the computer and we have not yet had it fixed. So, still no photos of all the colourful stuff I have been sewing. Even when I get home from work late, I try to sew for at least an hour of two. There is a small nagging voice asking me where am I heading with my quilting, but I simply ignore it by stepping on the foot control. I enjoy the sewing and color and fabrics and cutting shapes and putting them together again. Since I have a rather large stash for South African standards, I will have to think about it. Some other time.

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